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How to remove ads on non-premium Spotify account? (Mac OS)

Notes: This trick still working fine on Mac OS X 10.13 (HighSierra)

  1. Open Terminal and run this following command:
  2. You may be asked to type your password at this step. Just enter your password!
  3. Using arrow keys to move the cursor to the end of the host file from Terminal, then paste this following lines:
  4. Save the modified host file by pressing Control + O (letter, not number). Press Enter to save.
  5. Done! Open Spotify and see the result!

Serious problem/Bug on Mac OS High Sierra 10.13

Today I found a new “bug” on Mac OS High Sierra (10.13). This problem seriously affects to your privacy. What’s that?

When I try to change something from System Preferences, by clicking on the lock icon (on the bottom left corner), then unlock with this login info (User: root Password: left it blank). from here I can change every settings in the system.

Not only the above problem. When restarting the machine, a new “other user” will be displayed on the login screen. like this:














using “root” login info like above.. and then you are now logged in!!! holy shittt




We are still waiting for an official update from Apple to fix this issue. Or below is something you can do to reduce risky possibilities on your system.

To hide “other user” in Login screen, run this following command:

sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ SHOWOTHERUSERS_MANAGED -bool FALSE


but.. I believe the better way is to change the default root (administrator) password. check out this link: