happy new year

Apparently, this is my last post in the year 2016

2017 is coming. I’m here to wishing you the best of luck in your life 🙂

Thanks for all of my visitors!

QuickRes – Fastest way to change resolutions on Mac

i’m using Macbook pro retina 15.4″ (2015), sometime I need to change the resolution to make more convenient for my works (I need more space on the screen while coding, but it seems useless when I browsing on the internet). I normally change them by this way: Go to System preferences -> Display, and then choose a resolution.

I want to change it faster, and finally I found this one (QuickRes)


You can choose your favourite resolutions and divide it into three separate profiles, you can also set shortcut keys to have a fast switching between them.

It’s really amazing and work well on my machine (Mac OS 10.11)

Try it out!